Welcome Nurses!


Studio One is opening our doors May 8th - 13th and welcomes the nurses in our community. This is a donation from studio one to the nurses community as put together by the Alaska Nurses Association and we are thrilled to participate!

see details about the events around town

We’ve created two introductory classes just for you. Designed for beginners.

May 8 @ 5:30-7 pm sign up
May 10 @ 1:30-3 pm sign up

Also, participate in other free classes at studio one May 8th - 13th. Pick up your passes during your beginners class.



Here are some tips and directions.

We are thrilled you’ve signed up for the beginners class. This edutainment style class is designed for beginners so expect a light workout in a workshop style environment with other beginners.  Learn a lot, sweat a little and leave feeling taller (or stronger or with better posture) 

Avoid baggy shorts other than that…there is no fashion police at Studio One so wear what you can move in comfortably. Bring layers if you tend to get chilly.  sock or no socks up to you. No shoes required, also no need to bring a mat, we have everything here. 

4007 old Seward Hwy suite 800 Anchorage AK 99503. You can find us in the Gallery North Mall right next to the university mall between 36th and tudor. Studio One is facing south. 

Get to the studio 10 minutes before class. You will be greeted at the door and given a personal scan card that will allow you to sign in for all future class. You can change into your workout gear at the studio and lock your stuff up, we have locks.  Fill out paperwork on any injuries you might have and your goals. 

Learn how to engage your core.  Might sound simple but most people have never been taught how to engage the deep stabilizing muscles that make up your core. 

Learn 5 essential exercises to keep your joints safe and get the most out of each workout, try the equipment and get inspired to do more! 

…see you on the mat! 




(907) 770-2639  

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