Instructor Training Intensive


is there a test? 
yes, you can schedule your test anytime after completing the course. the test is two parts, written and in the classroom. 

will I receive a certificate? 

do you have a non-compete? 
yes. the non-compete is 25mile radius with a 3 year limit. 

what if I want to be internationally recognized? 
we recommend you take the Pilates Method Alliance test online.

are there make up days? 
yes, through private sessions only for an additional fee of $100 per hour with Training Director of Studio One. 

will you be offering jobs at studio one for those who completed and taken the test? 
yes, anyone who has completed and passed test can apply for a position at Studio One. 

what is the next step after the Hands-On-Instructor training?
Deep Core Toning instruction