What is a master class?
Master classes are two hour plateau busters that help you reach the next level of integration!

**You don't have to be a "Master" to take a Master class**

The master classes are the heart of your learning and education at Studio One. They provide the opportunity to really slow down and learn something profoundly new about your body. Every master class is carefully designed to help you get several “ah-ha” moments.

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Meet Node Nelly

Meet Node Nelly, she represents a body that is organized vertically within gravity. Achieving verticality and stability is the start of your Structural Integration journey though VASIE pilates. BALANCE, SPONTANEOUS LENGTH, NATURALLY STRONG ABS, EFFORTLESS BREATHING and a RELAXED BODY is created by involuntary muscles and line up along these “tone nodes”. Learning deep core control of these areas is like buying insurance for your joints! 



Node Nelly is a new info-graphic to describe how VASIE pilates works...

NODE Nelly is to illustrate three important things/concepts.


1- How to use the VASIE Beginner's Master Class Series

2- Important areas fro muscle control and fascial toning.

3 - The Structural integration concept of verticality and where a large part of it comes from.


These classes are literally the executive summaries for our upcoming certification courses (2016) - each class is a summary of a two day class that has been or will be taught to instructors nationally. Take all our master classes and you will know far more than most normally trained Pilates instructors (and actually have more in class hours - most certifications are heavily padded with practice hours)


By increasing the tone in the Tone nodes of Node nelly your standing posture will become easier and more relaxed. These tone nodes activate and tone the anti-gravity musles of the body. The tension of standng upright will evaporate and in its place you will feel a lightness and ease. When you do a good Deep Core Toning Class this feeling can be intense. 





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Super feet is designed for balance and alignment of the lower leg and ankle. This class is best for those with over six months of experience with VASIE™ Pilates, because it relies on you having a decent level of tone in your intrinsic foot muscles. Many Pilates exercises were designed to create balance in this area, such as leg pull, crab, and reformer exercises. However, the way they are now taught does not address making these changes from a structural integration perspective. The lower in the body that changes are made, the more profound and lasting changes you will typically see through the rest of the body.


Expected results:

• Addressing fibular and tibia issues
• Improved balance, strength, and flexibility in the lower leg
• Reduced risk of plantar fasciitis
• Better balance
• More spring in your step
• Reduced knee pain
• Increased shedding of stress
• Continuously improving posture










Three Excellent Reasons to Attend the Long Relaxed Necks Master Class

by Angelique Garnard



This class will lengthen your neck! The neck is where we begin to see the first signs of aging. You can’t get comparable results from a jar of skin cream or a plastic surgeon! People have made huge changes in just one class!

“Overuse of the neck can contribute to getting a thicker neck and more wrinkles on a person’s face”

Elaine Rasher

Studio 0ne Pilates Instructor and Rolfer®


The neck is a vital pathway for blood flow to the brain and nerve conductivity from the brain to the rest of the body. Nerves interlace through small openings in the bony structure of the neck with little soft tissue to protect the nerve. If these areas get compressed this can cause nerve pain, neuropathy and other ailments[1]. Blood flow to the brain can also be impeded by head forward posture and compression of the cervical spine. “The brain requires a constant flow of blood to provide glucose and oxygen that it needs to function properly.”[2]


Anyone that has experienced Neck pain or Nerve pain would do just about anything to avoid feeling it again. The exercises used in class are design to get the stabilizing muscles of your neck to fire so the muscles that compensate for them that shorten and make your neck feel tight do not have to work.

The VASIE techniques taught at Studio One will teach you HOW to activate the right muscles and integrate them with the rest of your nervous system making the correct muscle chains fire AUTOMATICALLY!

[1] “Pinched compressed Nerve” staff writer as retrieved on 6-20-14 from

[2] “Cardiovascular system of the Head and Neck” Tim Taylor, Anatomy and Physiology Instructor, as retrieved from on 6-20-2014




Proper placement of the shoulders over the rib cage is one of the keys to freeing the neck for more length and more relaxation.  Based upon having built a neutral rib cage and support through the central line of the body, we can begin to work on the macro stabilizers of the shoulder. Strong, Supported Shoulders will cover activation of cerratus, lats, and how to balance them with the pec minor.  You will learn how to improve your VASIE™ practice and how to adapt VASIE™ exercises to give you the best results for your shoulder girdle.

Expected results:

Shoulders that easily stay down the back of your body
Less stress in the shoulders and neck
Better posture through the upper body
Less pain and injury in the neck and shoulders and rotator cuff
More visible collar bones
Better definition in the back and shoulders and arms from your workouts





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What is a Master Class?

A master class is a special 2-hour class designed to help you master VASIE skills and increase your results when in class. Master classes complement your group program by giving you in-depth training on how to perform exercises for maximum safety and results.  


Do I have to be a Pilates master or have a lot of experience to sign up?

No! You don’t have to be a master to take a master class.  A master instructor teaches the class.


Master classes are designed to…

Help you to learn new skills to accelerate your progress.  Classes combine anatomy exercises and hands-on corrections.  Choose master classes based upon need and interest.