Don’t be shy about asking for help from one of the staff members, it’s our mission to make it easy and stress free for you.

Step 1
Download the Studio One app on your smart phone or go to pilatesalaska.com on your computer. 

Step 2
LOG IN USING YOUR USERNAME AND PASSWORD. DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT IF YOU ARE ALREADY A STUDIO ONE CLIENT please go to “forgot password”  enter the email address you use for Studio One emails and follow the step. 

Step 3
Go to Register for Class and start booking your classes! It’s that easy.

Classes will now be open for booking up to 7 days in advance.
For example: If it’s Tuesday you can book through the following Tuesday, if it’s Wednesday you can book through the following Wednesday so on and so forth.

Classes can be booked and cancelled for up for up to 2 hours before class. 

For your convenience, Studio One offers a waitlist for fully booked classes. If a spot becomes available, we will let you know about 2 hours prior to class by email or text. We encourage you to use the waitlist. 

As soon as a spot opens up, you will automatically be added to the class and an email or a text notification will be sent 2 hours prior to class.

As a courtesy to folks on the waitlist please cancel out of a class you
cannot make it to at least 2 hours prior to class time.
Cancelled less than 2 hours or forgot to show up?
There is a $10 fee. This fee only applies when the class is booked to
capacity with a waitlist. Your money will be donated to a local charity or a non-profit of the month. Hey, you can feel a little better about skipping class.

As a courtesy to others, we recommend only signining up for the classes you can realistically make it to so there is plenty of space for all of us. Thank you.

As a courtesy to others, please be 5 minutes early whenever possible. Your spot will be held until 2 minutes before class. If another client is on the waitlist, and is present at the studio, we will give your spot away 2 minutes prior to class.

We understand things happen. We only ask that you give us a call. We will hold your spot for 5 minutes max if you let us know you are running late. However, during peak times, we can’t guarantee all calls will be answered.

Even though you’ve reserved a spot online, we still ask that you scan in when you arrive. Why? It’s how we know you are here!

During busy times, we will still ask you to please take an orange cone. Why? Technology isn’t perfect and there is nothing more obvious than an orange cone. Please place the cone on your mat or reformer so others know that’s YOUR spot!

• Click on “Forgot My Password” and enter the email address you gave to Studio One.
• Next, check your email inbox and follow the steps to create your password.
• If you do not remember the email you provided, please call Studio One at 907-770-2639 and we will be happy to set up your account for you.
• If you’ve been to Studio One for any service or class, you already have an account. Please do not create a new account. Any purchases or class credits you’ve made will only show up in your original account.