Begins April 17th 2017




1.      FIND A PILATES BUDDY:  Find a friend who wants to become a member, if they sign up, you receive a free month of membership on your current package. 


2.     BRING THEM TO JUMP START 101: We recommend you bring your friend to Jump start 101, they will receive the best deal here, often we give away free boot camps or private lessons. Come with them for encouragement and to review the basics! (not required, just recommend) 


3.     MAKE THE REST OF YOUR YEAR FREE. Limit 8 friends...that's right you could get free Pilates the rest of the year.




Not applicable toward any memberships sold previously.

Your friend cannot be a current member or someone who is on hold.

Your friend must sign up for a 6 month membership. Can be mat, reformer, or all access

Must be a brand new or returning studio one client - having cancelled 6 months ago or longer.

Your free month must be the same membership you've been paying for. You cannot receive a free month and upgrade.

Not applicable toward private lessons or paid in full memberships.




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