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Hey Studio One Members!

If you became a member before 8.31.16 you are grandfathered into

Whole Body Boot Camp Classes*
Healthy Back & Joint Basics*
Ballet Barre, Cardio Circuit, Express Abs.  

This will rock your world. Starting October 3rd, all current members can go to specialty and boot camp classes free of charge. This includes Ballet Barre, Express Abs and Cardio Circuit, plus any class we add on in the future. This is for current members only. The free add-on will not be available for memberships purchased after 8.31.16, so hang on to this bonus by remaining a member.

Benefits & Value [Normally $50/month - Free for members]

Specialty classes such as Ballet Barre, Cardio Circuit and Express Abs are normally an additional cost for most members, either $50/month or $21.50 per class when purchased by punchcard. We developed these classes so that members can have more variety and specificity as you progress through your VASIE Pilates program.

What if I am paying the "add-on" fee for these classes?

We will lower your payment so it is also free to you.

When will my payment be lowered?


What if I still have punches left over on my punchcard?

You can use the credit toward Master Classes or gift the classes to a friend.

Why is Studio One adding these classes for free?
It's part of a complete program. We encourage every member to participate in some of the specialty classes between six months and one year after starting the program. We feel strongly about this approach and want you to have access to these classes, so we are going to simply add them to your account for free.

Where do I start?
Go back to Boot Camp when you need it. Add in Ballet Barre, as it's the most basic class. Progress to Express Abs if you need more work on your core/abs. Go to Cardio Circuit when you feel you can keep your low back and neck safe in class.

*Wow, really? Unlimited Boot Camp classes?
Yes, really! You can go back to Boot Camp if needed. The only request we have is that you wait until last minute (night before) to schedule your Boot Camp so we have enough space for new folks to jump in first, to learn the basics. If Boot Camps get over-filled with experienced clients, new folks will end up in regular classes and slow down your class.

Is there room in Boot Camp?
Yes. With the exception of the rush periods in September and the spring, Boot Camp classes have spots and we love to see members participate.

Retail price for 12 Whole Body Boot Camps is $225.00. For you, it's free!

Why are you adding Boot Camps to my membership?
Boot Camp is designed for learning the basics. It is step one of the program and we want to give you the opportunity to relearn the basics and go back to step one when you need it, because it's part of the program. We are delighted to add this new feature to your membership and allow you to go and review the basics and re-stabilize your joints when needed.

When does this start?
October 3rd, 2016

Thank you,

Studio One VASIE Pilates Team