Neutral Pelvis Power

4.11 - 4.16


"When the pelvis is not balanced, we do not have the upward thrust that creates zero balance, the sense of weightlessness that can be experienced in the body"
Ida P. Rolf, Ph.D.     


Ever catch yourself sinking into your heels? locking your knees back? slouching while sitting? It's easy to fix the problem by addressing the problem head on by quickly adjusting your posture. However, many find themselves right back where they started as soon as the conscious mind lets go of tackling the issue. 
Often, the position of the pelvis is either the driver or a large part of the problem. Think of the pelvis like a central wheel that drives your spine and your legs. Tuck under and find yourself on your heels, chest collapsed and head forward. Go the other way and find your knees locked, hard to breathe and back muscles tight! 

The goal of every VASIE session is to bring the pelvis into more neutral. VASIE mat and reformer classes strategically begin with your pelvis and lower spine in neutral.
Studies show, Transverses Abdominus (your deepest core) is easiest to isolate when your lower spine and pelvis is in neutral. See NIH study


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This week get ready to reap the benefits of really focusing on your pelvis and lower back curve. Here are some of the exercises you will work on: Ab Prep feet down, One Leg Circle, Leg Pull Front prep, Shoulder bridge, Elephant flat back, short box flat back. 


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