Focus of the week 6.13 - 6.18


Pelvic Floor Power for Flatter Abs

Think of the pelvic floor as like the bottom of the grocery bag, supporting all the organs and structures up above. 

See anatomy video below.

Your goal, especially this week, is to contract and train the correct part of the pelvic floor to facilitate the simultaneous tightening of the low abs. Pelvic floor muscles are part of a whole system, image how impractical it would be to strengthen just ONE bicep. 

How hard do I tighten my kegel muscles? 

Try this: Kegel as hard as you can. Notice, is it harder to breathe? Relax the muscles of the pelvic floor till your breathing becomes natural. It's is often recommended by health care professionals that a 25% - 30% contraction is best. 

How do I make sure my kegel muscles stay engaged throughout the class? 

When doing more challenging exercises like posture prep or legs at table top, it's easy to feel the sensation of the pelvic floor working simply because you are experiencing many other muscles working all at once. Pressing your toes in or pointing your feet, squeezing the ball and exhaling out will assist your pelvic floor muscles in staying engaged. Also, find the cue that worked for you in the beginning of class and use the cue during the more challenging exercises.


What's VASIE Pilates? 


“Van Alstine’s Structural Integration Exercise” Paul Van Alstine, advanced Rolfer® and Pilates instructor at Studio One Pilates, is the founder of VASIE. 
VASIE is based on the exercise system devised by Joseph Pilates and the movement and postural concepts of “Structural Integration” developed by Ida P. Rolf. Had J. Pilates and I. Rolf collaborated to find the Unifying Theory of Exercise™ this holistic exercise program may have been developed long ago. Both were pioneers of powerful systems designed to change the body at a core level. Combining these systems VASIE is designed to make changes to the bone structure, re-ignite the link between breath and movement, and tone the fascia, as well as the muscular system. Unlike other workouts, VASIE builds physical, energetic, and emotional balance in the body. 




































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