Focus of the Week 7.25 - 7.30

Long Relaxed Neck

A longer neck starts with strong feet. If you've been doing VASIE Pilates for a while you've probably experienced the profound sense of control and poise through your whole body just by working on your feet!

How does it work?
The power of Structural Integration Exercise is to build from the ground up and the inside out first. Like building block, start from the foundation and align, build and strengthen all the way to the top.

Longer neck check list in order:
1. Strong feet
2. Strong inner thighs, glutes and pelvic floor.
3. Neutral pelvis
4. Neutral collarbones
5. Now the neck!

This week you will notice a couple of tiny sneaky exercises in almost every class...they will help you tone the Longus colli/capitus






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