Focus of the week 5.1 - 5.6

Tight & Tiny Lifted Hiney

The VASIE glute “V” 

A healthy, structurally integrated set of buns, like those of Audrey Hepburn or Ashley Graham isn’t just about glute strength or how many squats one can do - it's about the glutes supporting your sacrum and low back for pain free, functional, coordinated movement of the pelvis and legs. At Studio One we call it the VASIE  glute “V”  Some have it naturally and those who do not and are lucky enough to live in Anchorage Alaska go to Studio One to get it.

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What is the VASIE “V”? Start looking at butts like we do…like professionals. 

Notice, you will see some people have a “V” at the top of their pelvis around the sacrum regardless of weight, age or how fit they are. This "V" is a strong fascial connections that supports the sacrum. This fascial tone is a sign of health and integration it keeps you pain free and standing up straight. 

 When the “V” is present it points to a couple key health factors:

1.Your pelvis is more neutral, which means your organs are in a better place and your abs are more likely to be flat. 

2.When you walk your leg stays behind you allowing your body to have a lot more pushing power making you a better athlete. This push off is not something you can consciously control or think about. Your body simply won’t allow you to have your leg behind you if your glute V isn’t strong because without the “V” fascia the stress goes straight to your lower back. 

3. The "V" means your sacrum and low back is supported and less likely to go out.


#1 Come to class and master these skills and exercises: 

Swan Dive - mat and reformer 
Heel Squeeze - on reformer Feet pulling straps - hamstring curls
Prone lateral legs - on reformer on long box 
Side Leg on mat 
Side kick kneeling 
Tendu back - mat 
Elephant on mat and reformer 
Standing lateral legs

See you in class...


What's VASIE Pilates? 


“Van Alstine’s Structural Integration Exercise” Paul Van Alstine, advanced Rolfer® and Pilates instructor at Studio One Pilates, is the founder of VASIE. 
VASIE is based on the exercise system devised by Joseph Pilates and the movement and postural concepts of “Structural Integration” developed by Ida P. Rolf. Had J. Pilates and I. Rolf collaborated to find the Unifying Theory of Exercise™ this holistic exercise program may have been developed long ago. Both were pioneers of powerful systems designed to change the body at a core level. Combining these systems VASIE is designed to make changes to the bone structure, re-ignite the link between breath and movement, and tone the fascia, as well as the muscular system. Unlike other workouts, VASIE builds physical, energetic, and emotional balance in the body. 































  Learn the basics in Pilates 101 and sign up for a Whole Body Boot Camp or a
  Healthy Back & Joint Basics class.  
  2-3 times per week for 4 - 6 weeks.

  Continue with DEEP CORE TONING™ mat or reformer classes and Ballet Barre   classes. 
  2-3 times per week for 4 - 8 weeks.

  Keep doing your cardio routine at least twice per week. You will notice your       body mechanics and cardiovascular system really improving, making it easier   and more fun to hike, walk, run, bike and dance.


  Add Integration Strength and Flexibility mat or reformer classes.
  Always keep a Deep Core Toning class on your schedule!

  Bust Plateaus with MASTER CLASSES
  These 2 hour Saturday classes are the heart of learning vital skills.
  Skills = Results
  **You don't have to be a "Master" to take a Master class**
  The master classes are the heart of your learning and education at Studio One.
  They provide the opportunity to really slow down and learn something                 profoundly new about your body. Every master class is carefully designed to       help you get several “ah-ha” moments.
  TRANSFORM your structure with SPECIALTY Classes, Rolfing and Private








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