Focus of the Week 4.17 - 4.22

Controlled Rotation

"You are only as young as your spine is flexible"

- Joseph Pilates     

Gain insight and have some "aha" moments in class this week with focus on rotation. Move with ease, flexibility and grace from your core as you learn to keep your spine safe during rotation. 

Correct rotation: 
Each segment of your spine is designed to move differently.
The Low Back: 
The low back (lumbar section, lower 5 vertebrae)  is designed to be more stable and only do forward and back bends. The lower spine virtually has no ability to rotate. Therefore it is best to avoid big twisting moves at your low back. Even if it feels good while you are doing it...doesn't always mean it's good for you.

avoid rotation at the low back: 

The Mid-spine: 
The mid back or (thoracic section, 12 middle vertebrae) is designed for rotation, side-bending and forward bending. Our ribs are attached to this section of the spine and learning/practicing good controlled rotation through this area is beneficial and has the potential to make you a bit taller and more flexible through your spine. 

The Neck: 
The neck or (cervical section, 5 upper vertebrae) is the most flexible/mobile and has the least stability. One must take care to learn to not rotate the neck past what you can stabilize and control. Avoid passive stretches unless advised by your PT or doctor. 

Avoid excessive range of motion:
Neck Neck-Roll-Exercises

3 powerful moves to focus on:
Spine Twist (mat & reformer)
Saw (mat)
Salute (mat)
Roll back with obliques (reformer, not pictured) 




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