Healthy Back & Joint Basics{for beginners}

Learn to move without pain in 30 days and do more of what you love in your life. The inspiration for giving people the tools to keep themselves pain-free came from Paul Van Alstine, studio owner, personal experience of chronic joint, neck and back pain. If you suffer from joint pain, urinary incontinence, have completed your physical therapy sessions or looking to add to your chiropractic care this class might be a great addition. With two instructors in every Back & Joint class, you will learn essential stability, core and breathing exercises to help you move through life with less pain.

Ask your health care provider if the class is right for you. Try a Jump Start 101 class before starting your Back & Joint programJump Start 101


Lose inches* around your middle
Decrease pain and gain control 
Strengthen your core
Decreased Urinary Incontinence.
*Results may vary

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This class is one of the pre-requisites for Deep Core Toning and Integration Strength & Flexibility classes. 

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